We are specialist in the development, design, manufacturing and supply of first class mixing and stirring equipment, e.g.:

Jongia mixing & stirring

Jongia has an extensive product range of industrial mixing and stirring equipment. Our mixers and agitators are supplied all over the world. Read more about Jongia.

Price & quality balance

Jongia aims at a good balance between price and quality at every stage of the engineering, production, installation or supply process. The modular method of construction guarantees competitive prices and short delivery times.

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Maximum reliability

Jongia's skilled craftmanship results in high-quality, durable mixing products. The lifetime of a Jongia mixer is often more than 30 years. High operational reliability is guaranteed thanks to this unique durability. Maintenance and repair activities are reduced to a minimum,  resulting in low cost of ownership.

Our after sales and service department offers the best technical support and advice to keep our customer's mixing installations in optimum condition.

In the spotlight

Special attention to a Jongia product, feature or service.

Jongia's Magitator, a unique design in durability, hygiene. Practically maintenance free. Used in liquid applications and compliant with the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements.

magnet driven mixer, EHEDG, hermetically closed vessel
Jongia's magitator, type JM