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About Jongia

Orgaworld agitators Jongia

Jongia's main focus is the design, manufacturing and supply of mixing and stirring equipment that is applied in various industries, such as fine chemicals, dairy, petrochemicals.

Jongia has built a reputation as an innovative supplier of first class mixing equipment, thanks to:

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Total commitment

Jongia's organisation and products meet various international quality standards.

Custom-made mixing solutions

In close collaboration with our customers, we design and develop the most effective (custom-made) mixing solutions. Over the years, we became familiar with all aspects of different industries, providing expert advice and the best mixing solution to a specific process or application. In addition to the experience we gained in the field, we have test facilities available that is used for R&D activities, such as the development of new techniques and on scale mixer trials.