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What do we do? Jongia manufactures stirring & mixing equipment of its own reliable design. Apart from a standard range of mixers available from stock, Jongia designs and delivers tailor-made stirring & mixing equipment to meet customer's specific requirements.

Our product range is characterized by:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Reliability

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Why choose Jongia?

Being an innovative stirring & mixing equipment supplier, we earned a leading position in the Netherlands over the years. Our high-quality mixers and other products are now exported all over the world. Global reach is supported locally through a wholly owned subsidairy in the US and a network of associated companies throughout Europe. Our capabilities and strengths:

  • Jongia has collected technical know-how over many years, specializing in stirring and mixing products.
  • Production with high manufacturing quality.
  • High-reliability of Jongia mixing systems.
  • Simple design ensures the need for only a minimum of spare parts and maintenance.
  • Thanks to the innovative design essential wear and tear parts are easy to replace without the need of dismantling the entire mixer.
  • Jongia developed an extensive knowledge of various industries over the years, knowing market specific trends and requirements.

Quick and effective service

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Jongia has a fully equipped warehouse and is able to supply most spare parts from stock. We offer technical service:

  • Emergency service 24/7
  • Condition monitoring
  • Maintenance agreements

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