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History of Jongia

Jongia NV was established in Leeuwarden in 1937. The company started as a technical trading company dealing with everything from nuts and bolts to lathes and milling machines. 

From the early years till now

historic brochure Jongia

Over the years Jongia developed into a manufacturing and engineering company. For several decades the company’s activities were mainly directed towards the dairy industry, being abundant in the region. Even at that time, mixing equipment has been part of Jongia's product range already.

In the nineteen-eighties Jongia acquired the mixing branch of Stork Plaatwerk Velsen. Jongia started to focus on stirring and mixing equipment for the chemical industry as well, benefiting from Stork’s long years of experience in that field.

Nowadays Jongia’s core activities are the design, engineering and manufacturing of state of the art, top-end mixers and agitators.

The company name Jongia

The company name Jongia is derived from the last name of its founders (De) Jonge, meaning young in Dutch. The i for "ingenieursbureau" (engineering firm) and the a for "apparatenbouw" (equipment manufacturers) were added to Jong,