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Expansion of our service network in cooperation with Roodhart

Expansion of our service network in cooperation with Roodhart

The best of both worlds - Two leading Dutch companies join force

Two companies, both of them Dutch as can be, have decided to join forces in the field of mixers and agitators to be able to serve the petrochemical industry in the Benelux area even better.

Jongia Mixing Technology in Leeuwarden (NL), with nearly 80 years of experience, has a respectable and impressive reputation in the food and (petro)chemical industry. Jongia is also active in the sustainable energy industry where they are building quite a reputation for themselves as a supplier of innovative mixers and agitators.

Roodhart Emission Control is specialist in maintenance and revision of rotating equipment. Since 1982 it has conquered a sizable market share in the Rotterdam port area.

Both companies share the petrochemical industry and tank terminals as working ground. Roodhart in its capacity as service and maintenance company for a.o. pumps and mechanical seals and Jongia Mixing Technology as supplier of side and top entry mixing equipment of its own design and production.

Allround and 24-hour service

After intensive consultation among the two parties it was decided to form a cooperation in order to promote the synergy. Not only will the services rendered cover technical advice on mixing equipment, but also on replacement and revision of existing equipment. The latter subject being important in the choice of the mechanical seal in zones where explosions can occur and where the ATEX/IECEx regulations are applicable.

In the future Jongia mixers will be revised and repaired at the location of Roodhart, at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. There will be 24-hour service to ensure quick response in emergency situations by qualified field engineers who can perform the repairs on site.

ATEX compliant

Roodhart is the first company to be certified by Dekra to perform repairs and revisions in accordance with ATEX/IECEx regulations. Jongia Mixing Technology is fast on its way to become the first European mixer manufacturer to carry the ATEX 114-10.00 certificate allowing them to supply ATEX proof mixers worldwide. It will also be possible to supply various ATEX/IECEx certified mechanical seals suitable for the most complicated Zone 0 environment. The ATEX factor is extremely important because of the ever more stringent environmental and safety legislature that oil terminals and refineries have to comply with.

In addition both companies have developed a service to draw up an inventory of the status and possible items to be improved in existing mixers. Legally companies are obliged to take action in order to continue to operate safely and this particular service answers their needs. The inventory and the accompanying technical advices form the steps towards an upgrade or modification in accordance with the latest safety standards. It helps the industry to fulfill the ever more stringent demands by legislature as well as society itself when it comes to environment and safety issues in the harbor and industrial areas.

Unique services and activities

  • Replacement of mixers, exchange of motors
  • ATEX/IECEx certification
  • REVISION of pumps, mixers, bearings and seals
  • Mechanical and process technical advice to achieve EFFICIENT operational conditions
  • CFD analysis of media in the tank
  • PRODUCT and PROCESS KNOW-HOW of all petrochemical media
  • Decades of joint EXPERIENCE in mixing and pumping
  • 24/7 SERVICE organization on location and at the company’s production facilities