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Expertise in complex chemical processing

Expertise in complex chemical processing

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Jongia has supplied many mixers for special applications in the chemical industry globally related to the production of :

  • Polyols
  • Styrene
  • Butadiene latex
  • PAM emulsions
  • as well as more specialty chemicals

Complex polymerization reactions hold very few secrets to us, we’ve got the expertise to design the most efficient mixer. One of the projects we were involved in was the design of a mixer with a helical ribbon impeller mounted on an autoclave designed for polymerization at 30 bar(g) at 350° C and full vacuum. Jongia has implemented a double mechanical, cooled sealing system. The main challenge in the design of this mixer was the viscosity in relation to the reaction time. Within only a few hours in the autoclave the viscosity runs from 1 to 30,000 cP. Loading of the autoclave and mixing time where of the essence here.