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Magnetic coupled mixer

Magitator type JM - Magnetic coupled mixers for hygienic applications

Afbeelding: Mag Mix

Jongia's Magitator is suitable for side and bottom mounting. A unique design in durability and hygiene, which meets the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements according to EHEDG, FDA/EC1935:2004. The Magitator can be used in hermetically closed vessels or systems without the need of complicated rotary seal and is practically maintenance free.

Your application
For the production and storage of milk, drink yoghurt, fruit juices, alcohol and similar fluids the Magitator is ultimately suitable. It does not require lubricants which could contaminate the vessel and the product. Similarly Jongia’s Magitator is a valuable asset in the production of cheese during the fermentation process.


  • absolute tightness over an extended period of time
  • no danger of contamination and leakage (no shaft entry in the tank wall, which may cause leakage and threaten the sterility of the vessel and its contents)
  • optimal for aseptic production
  • no mechanical seal required eliminating the risk of leakage and contamination
  • perfect cleanability – the open construction at the magnet guarantees sufficient flow for cleaning agents
  • hygienic safety  with a wide range of fda approved materials
  • minimum maintanance
  • efficient energy consumption thanks to contact-free transmission of torque

Download the brochure here. To view the 3-D animation of the Magitator please click here.