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HD (heavy industrial mixer)

Heavy industrial mixer type HD

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Jongia's HD type industrial mixer is designed for heavy industrial applications. Its modular construction allows easy mounting of all kinds of shaft seals, whichever seal is required.

Radial and axial loads on the drive are completely absorbed by a separate double bearing section and the flexible coupling connecting the mixer shaft to the drive. The HD industrial mixer has a rigid torsion-free mixer housing. This robust construction and the precision of its running characteristics guarantee the durability of the shaft seal.

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A HD type mixer (click to enlarge)

A few additional features and options of the HD mixer:

  • Seals, bearings, spacer and flexible coupling are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.
  • An extra axial bearing is incorporated for use on reactor and high-pressure vessels
  • An optional spacer coupling in the mixer housing allows fast and simple seal replacement without removing drive or mixer shaft.

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