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Testing and R&D

Testing and Research & Development

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Jongia has experienced process engineers and well equipped testing and R&D facilities available. We offer:

  • Consultation and expert advice
  • In-house test laboratory
  • Endurance tests on wearing parts
  • Rental test units

We develop prototypes for testing new mixers and blenders and for improving Jongia's current line of equipment even further.

Testing and optimising

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Jongia's test and development facilities are available for mixer trials and product verification. New technologies requiring innovative equipment are tested in our in-house test laboratory. Processes can be simulated on scale to find the most suitable solution for real-scale situations.

We offer a rental programme which enables process engineers to optimise a process before committing to a large capital purchase. We have various test units for rent in case, for example:

  • Mixing capacity is required for the development of a new process
  • When a new production technique needs to be verified for a certain period of time.

The test results will be used to scale up to production size equipment.

Mixing process improvements

Our (scale) testing facilities enable us to finetune our customer's mixing techniques to guarantee the best possible results. In close collaboration with our R&D team, customers have been able to to achieve process improvements in for example:

  • Ice cream premixing and storage
  • Rehydration of yeast

Besides, Jongia's input has contributed greatly to the development of the manufacturing process of water carried paints and deep cooled fruit juice. A few other succesful projects are a unique self-inducing gas mixer and the newly developed  vacuum powder intake installation.