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Food & Beverages

Food & beverage industry

Processing systems in the food & dairy industry require utmost sanitary and hygienic conditions. Jongia's mixing equipment meets the requirements with regard to hygiene, quality and control.

Jongia mixing in Food & Beverages

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Jongia direct mixer (type JDR)

The Food & Beverage industry asks for flexible and hygienic mixing solutions. We have a wide range of mixing solutions that are used in various applications For example, Jongia's top-entry mixer type JDR is a preferred mixer to many of our customers in this branch of industry, since it offers a lot of industry-specific benefits, such as the elimination of the risk of contamination in the tank.

We have a wide range of mixers available that can be used in the food & beverage industry. Our mixing equipment is suitable for many different applications. A few advantages:

  • Efficient mixing
  • Hygienic features
  • CIP cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • And more

Products with a high viscosity, products with difficult flow characteristics? Hard to dissolve powders? We offer advanced (pre-)mixing equipment and powder dissolving equipment for every application.