LLC “Russalt” was established in August, 2008. In spite of the short period of time since its foundation the Company is the largest private salt producer in the Russian Federation. As a result of reorganizations the company has become the legal successor of the oldest salt-mining enterprises, notably OJSC “Iletsksol” (Orenburg region, Sol-Iletsk), OJSC “Bassol” (Astrakhan region, Nizhniy Baskunchak settlement) and LLC “Usolskiy salt Enterprise” (Usolye-Sibirskoye). The production units of LLC “Russalt” are based on the old salt-mining enterprises, which have more than a century-long history of development. The company carries out the activities on mining, production and selling of dietary, industrial and balneological salt. LLC “Russalt” carries out salt-mining in Iletskiy deposit of rock salt, Baskunchakskiy deposit of common salt (Lake Baskunchak) and in Usolkiy deposit of common salt. In a short period of time they successfully managed to earn the reputation of a being safe partner.

Russalt is an ambitious salt producer in Russia who is continuously improving and modernizing their production facilities to produce salt with more efficiency. In 2015 Russalt has had a visit from a team of engineers from Salinen Salz from Ebensee in Austria to discuss about process improvements at one of Russalt’s production plants in Siberia. Salinen advised Russalt to contact Jongia to discuss our agitator technology due to their very good experiences with us.

In the beginning of 2015 Jongia supplied and installed their special innovative agitators to Salinen at their facility in Ebensee to replace agitators from a well known competitor to improve the process. Jongia’s agitators have shown outstanding results such as cut down the previous batch times in the same reactors with more than 50%. This saves Salinen an enormous investment in new equipment, operational costs and ability to expend their production with the existing reactor volumes.

For Russalt’s new green field salt project in Novomoskovsk (Tula region) they contacted Jongia to ask if we could offer them our technology for their project. Jongia was honored and keen to provide Russalt its know-how. For the agitators Jongia incorporated the specific wishes from the Russalt engineering team and used the Salinen project agitators design parameters end process results as base for this project.

After several discussions and the visit of Jongia’s Managing Director Johan Postma and International Sales Manager Bart Brouwer in December 2015 to the new head office of Russalt in Orenburg for the final bid meeting, Russalt granted Jongia the contract.
Jongia was supported locally by their Russian representative and business partner Peja International based in Moscow.

Jongia is very proud to receive this major order and will deliver the agitators in August 2016.