Videos & 3D Product Animations


Tutorial: Starch Gelatinization

Tutorial: Batch Crystallization

Tutorial: How do we mix starches?

Tutorial: How does the Magitator work?

Tutorial: How does the Hydroprop work? 

Tutorial: The Counterflow

Tutorial: Gas Inducing Mixer

Tutorial: Jet mixer


Tutorial: BioFoil® propeller

Tutorial: cupmixer 

Tutorial: propeller

Top entry agitator: Production of glue


Client Cases

Mades Cosmetics opts for efficiency with stirring concept from Jongia

Frisia Zout from Harlingen opts for optimization with Jongia as service partner

Agitator Products

Side Entry Agitator – RWM Sydmixer

Magnet driven mixer – Magitator


About Jongia

Jongia Corporate Movie 

New Factory & Renovation

Jongia Introduction

Industrial Processing exhibition

Jongia Customer event 13-11-2019

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