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Jongia Mixing Technology has over 80 years of experience and therefor an extensive knowledge in the various process industries, knowing market specific trends, requirements and needs. With continuous innovation we ensure maximum process results. Being an innovative stirring & mixing equipment supplier, we earned a leading position over the years. Our high-quality mixers and agitators are exported all over the world. Global reach is supported locally through a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany, USA, China and a network of associated companies worldwide.



Mixing is a key operation in the preparation of food for human consumption. The ever-changing requirements both from the client as well as the regulatory side make mixing techniques challenging. Jongia’s experts make sure you’re getting the right mixer for your specific application, whether you are mixing on a small scale or blending large quantities of various ingredients.


Global liquid dairy consumption continues to grow at a rapid pace. True, white milk still accounts for the largest volumes, but these days value added products are growing even faster.
Processed milk is the basis for many different dairy products. They can roughly be divided into the following product groups:

• Consumer products, such as milk, yoghurt, desserts etc.
• Cheese & butter
• Ingredients


It is safe to say that mixing is a key technique in the beverage industry; it is hard to find a drink that doesn’t require any stirring or mixing.

As with the food industry in general, efficient production methods as well as top-notch hygienic standards play a mayor role. Additionally ATEX zoning can be come a crucial issue when dealing with alcoholic beverages. Jongia is one of a select group of mixer manufacturers who’s quality management system is approved for ATEX and IECEx by the prestigeous DEKRA institute (explosion protection).

We’ve supplied our mixers to all the major players in the alcoholic as well as the non-alcoholic beverage industry.


Many years of experience enable Jongia to meet the stringent requirements of the chemical industry. Our mixers can be fitted with a variety of seals and special class E-motors to meet the very strict safety standards which often come with applications in the chemical industry.

Jongia’s stirring and mixing equipment comply with extreme criteria concerning emission values, shaft alignment tolerances and rotational accuracy.


Large capacity storage vessels used in the petrochemical industry often require a number of mixers to keep the contents homogeneous. Jongia offers customers in the petrochemical industry the best mixing solutions: maximum performance at minimum power input.

Jongia’s mixing equipment is ideal to use in applications in the petrochemical industry. More specifically, our side entry mixers (such as the JDRW mixer) offer a high-quality mixing solution with low energy consumption.

To prevent product loss due to seal leakage, we succeeded in the design of a basic, low-cost leak stop device. Besides, our experienced process engineers provide excellent advice on reactor design and heat transfer characteristics.

Bio-based & Environmental

Small, medium or large capacity Biogas tanks used in the Renewable Energy industry often require a number of mixers to keep the contents homogeneous. Jongia offers customers in the Biogas, Waste Water and Renewable Energy industry the best mixing solutions: maximum performance at minimum power input.

Jongia’s mixing equipment is ideally suited for use in applications in the Renewable Energy industry.

Pharma & Personal Care

The accurate control of processes and attention to hygienic aspects are essential to mixing equipment that is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jongia has an extensive range of dynamic mixers which can be used in applications instead of sterile magnetic mixers. We have a wide variety of mixing elements available that offer a solution for every application in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Process Know-how

Think along with you about your process, define each others issues and optimize the process from there out. In this way the process will be better, more smart and efficient, resulting in a much higher and more consistent quality. Jongia’s (inhouse) Technology Center enables us to finetune your process to guarantee the best possible results. In close collaboration with our R&D team, our customers have been able to achieve considerable process improvements.


Jongia has a comprehensive range of stirring and mixing equipment and systems. We ensure the best possible solution for the given process, choosing from our wide range of mixers and agitators. We offer top, side and bottom entry, special designs like magnetic mixers, as well as dynamic and static in-line mixers and powder dissolving installations.

After Sales & Service

Process installations are often in continuous operation and are used to produce a wider variety of products. Therefore, new mixing equipment must be multifunctional and is subject to more demanding requirements. Guarantee/warranty conditions are also becoming increasingly strict. How does Jongia meet those (changing) requirements? Jongia Mixing Technology offers the type of high-quality service that customers ask for with regard to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) strategies. Service and maintenance are an integrated part of our stirring and mixing concepts. We have experienced and qualified service engineers available and guarantee swift reaction times.

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