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What is LiquidZ ?​

What is LiquidZ ?

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What is LiquidZ?

Jongia Mixing Technology has created an innovation team which is called ‘LiquidZ’. This team combines state of the Art Sensor Technology with data science and mixing technology.

Data from the sensors is collected and analyzed by Jongia’s ‘LiquidZ team’. This team consisting of experts in Data-science and Process Technology. The combination of data analysis and its translation into process technology parameters is the core competence of the LiquidZ team is so called “DNA of Mixing”. The translation of the data into process optimization allows the LiquidZ team to report the actual data and performance coming from the agitator. When these actual values are compared with the original initiated parameters of the process, some or many differences are revealed and this provides insight into the process.

This means: with ‘DNA of Mixing’ you are able to gain insight into your process, optimize and save money!

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What can we do?


  • Insight into mixing data: Analysis of mixing times, stabilization phases, and consistency per batch.
  • Anomaly detection: Identify deviations in the production process that may indicate quality issues.
  • Batch completion: Develop predictive models to accurately determine the endpoint of a batch.
  • Product readiness: Implement real-time monitoring to precisely determine when a product meets specifications.
  • Process optimization: Use data analysis for continuous improvement of the mixing process and efficiency gains.
  • Cost saving: Review the data to find opportunities for reduction in energy and raw material consumption.
  • Quality assurance: Establish quality controls based on data to ensure the consistency of the final product.
  • Data integration: Combine sensor data with existing process data

How the process works :

  1. Mixing case: The customer has a mixing case with a (optimization) problem.
  2. Problem definition: In consultation with the client, the problem is defined.
  3. Sensor implementation: A sensor will be installed.
  4. Data analysis: By combining the sensor data with additional customer data, the process is analyzed. This is done with the help of data analysis and machine learning techniques.
  5. Combining knowledge: By combining data analysis with mixing knowledge, process insights are gained.
  6. Mixing optimization: Recommended adjustments will be implemented in the proces
  7. Proces optimization: Implementation of the results leads to an improvement in the process.

What does this mean for your process?

The LiquidZ team works closely with customers to create customized solutions for their unique challenges. This partnership approach ensures tailored optimization, maximizing efficiency and cost savings.

For more information, please contact our sales team below.

Contact our specialized team for all your questions

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