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Mixing is a key operation in the preparation of food for human consumption. The ever-changing requirements both from the client as well as the regulatory side make mixing techniques challenging. Jongia’s experts make sure you’re getting the right mixer for your specific application, whether you are mixing on a small scale or blending large quantities of various ingredients.

Industrial Mixers for Food & Beverages

For the best mixing solution we rely on our process knowledge of more than 85 years and our high quality sanitary design

Industrial Mixers for Food & Beverages

While maintaining constant quality of the end product and meeting stringent hygienic requirements imposed by law, you will want your capital investments to yield maximum profit. Lowering production costs and total cost of ownership through the use of energy efficient equipment and low maintenance solutions will help you achieve that goal. The reduction of batch times leads to less or smaller premix and storage vessels being necessary, improving your return of investment.

Within the food industry there are different types of agitating processes for liquid-liquid or solid-liquid. Examples of processes are blending, storage, dispersing, dissolving, heat transfer, gas dispersing, emulsifications, etc. When designing an agitator Jongia takes into account matters like viscosity and density behaviour of the involved products, as well as vessel geometry and cooling/heat transfer capacities.


It is safe to say that mixing is a key technique in the beverage industry; it is hard to find a drink that doesn’t require any stirring or mixing.

As with the food industry in general, efficient production methods as well as top-notch hygienic standards play a major role. Additionally ATEX zoning can become a crucial issue when dealing with alcoholic beverages. Jongia is one of a select group of mixer manufacturers whose quality management system is approved for ATEX and IECEx by the prestigious DEKRA institute (explosion protection).

We’ve supplied our mixers to all the major players in the alcoholic as well as the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

Our innovative side entry magnetic driven mixer, the Magitator, is very suitable for the Beverage industry due to its sealless design. Hermetically tight vessels promote hygiene and since there is no seal the risk of contamination is eliminated.

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