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Many years of experience enable Jongia to meet the stringent requirements of the chemical industry. Our mixers can be fitted with a variety of seals and special class E-motors to meet the very strict safety standards which often come with applications in the chemical industry.

Jongia’s stirring and mixing equipment comply with extreme criteria concerning emission values, shaft alignment tolerances and rotational accuracy.

Proper mixer selection is vital to process optimisation, for that you can rely on our experienced staff of engineers and process technologists.

Our innovative side entry magnetic driven mixer, the Magitator, is very suitable for the Beverage industry due to its sealless design. Hermetically tight vessels promote hygiene and since there is no seal the risk of contamination is eliminated.

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The petrochemical industry starts often with the storage of crude oil, waiting to be refined and processed. With the storage of the crude oil customers have to deal with BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water), heat transfer and homogenization issues. Jongia engineers have developed side entry mixers for these applications based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis and know-how, resulting in the most effective and efficient induced flow in the tank.

Jongia engineers are able to calculate on blending time and tank cycles for additives on fuel oils, kerosenes and diesels. Given the current global energy transition these types of fuels are getting more and more important for the industry as well as for the end users.

Maximum performance at minimum power input

Further downstream where these products are being refined and processed to petrochemicals, Jongia has a lot of reference projects in monomers and polymers. From low viscous premix slurries to high viscous polymers in high pressure reactors, Jongia will design the most effective mixing element for best performance. Anchor type low speed mixing element will be challenged by a CRM geometry to gain the maximum output. In line dynamic mixing in Butyl-rubber process streams have been designed by our engineers for the most effective particle size (microns).

Jongia’s empiric know-how and theoretical knowledge results in the maximum performance and output of your process, based on the fact that we also make a cross reference on different technologies in another industry processes.

Petrochemical Applications

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