Medium Duty Top Entry Agitators

Types: LB, NM

Medium Duty top entry agitators and mixers are suitable for applications like yeast fermentation, starch storage, storage and blending of concentrated fruit juices, bitumen and paint production.

Medium duty top entry agitators and mixers have the following characteristics:

  • Mixing applications where a higher degree of agitation is required
  • Larger tank volumes where a bottom bearing is not desirable
  • Viscosities up to approx. 5000 cP
  • Pressurized tanks (max. 16 bar g)
  • Temperature -20 to 170 °C

Medium Duty Top Entry
Motor power15 kW - 55 kW
MaterialsStainless Steel 304, 316 L, Carbon Steel, Duplex (Super),
Hastelloy C4 or C2000, Titanium Grade 2 or 7
CoatingsC3, C4, C5 or C5M
Surface wetted parts Ground until Ra < 0,4 µm, handpolished till <0,2 μm or electropolished, rubber lined, PTFE or HALAR
Explosion proof (ATEX) Ex zone 0, 1 or 2 for gas, 21 or 22 for dust or Non-Ex version
AccessoriesSwing out device, lifting device, gear drives (all brands), V-belt or gear driven, all kinds of sealing systems, sterile versions, mobile or stationary versions, adapted flanges to vessel

LB agitators

Jongia mixer type LB is especially designed for versatile industrial applications in large tanks with long mixer shafts without bottom bearing special used in sanitary or pharmaceutical applications. The shaft is mounted in the hollow drive shaft of the transmission. Because there is no bottom bearing there is a mixer housing below transmission with an over-sized double self aligning bearing section. Radial loads on the drive are largely absorbed this way and good running characteristics and excellent durability of the mixer are thus ensured. The standard type is executed with a radial lip seal as shaft sealing. If the radial lip seal must be free of the bearing section or another kind of shaft sealing is required than this mixer will be executed with an extra mixer housing.


NM agitators

The Jongia type NM industrial mixer is particularly suitable for moderately heavy to heavy applications. Examples like high temperature/pressure reactors, used in chemical and biological industries. This type of mixer has a gearbox with an outgoing shaft connected to the mixer shaft by means of a rigid coupling. The coupling is fitted in a torsion-free mixer housing. This hexagonal mixer housing makes mechanical seal and bearings easily accessible for inspection and maintenance. An optional spacer coupling in the mixer housing allows fast and simple seal replacement without removing drive or mixer shaft. Its modular construction allows easy mounting of all kinds of shaft seals. The selected mechanical seals have an integrated bearing section. Radial loads on the drive are well absorbed ensuring good running characteristics and excellent durability. The type N mixer’s design is also very suitable for longer shaft lengths without the need for a bottom bearing. A bottom bearing can be used if necessary.


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