Light Duty Side Entry Agitators

Types: Magitator (JM), JDRW

Light duty side entry agitators and mixers are the best fit for applications like keeping dairy products homogenous, vegetable oil or juice storage, waste water treatment.

These applications are characterized by:

  • Direct driven
  • Fluids which are easily mixed or kept homogeneous
  • Small tank volumes up to approx. 500 m3
  • Low viscous fluids
  • Tanks with low pressure
Light Duty Side Entry
Motor power0.25 kW – 15 kW
MaterialsStainless Steel 304, 316 L, Carbon Steel, Duplex (Super), Hastelloy C4 or C2000, Titanium Grade 2 or 7
CoatingsC3, C4, C5 of C5M
Surface wetted partsGround until Ra < 0,4 µm, handpolished till <0,2 μm or electropolished, rubber lined, PTFE or HALAR
Explosion proof (ATEX)Ex zone 0, 1 or 2 for gas, 21 or 22 for dust or Non-Ex version
AccessoriesV-belt or gear driven (all brands), all kinds of sealing systems, sterile versions, adapted flanges to vessel

Magitator (JM) mixers – Magnetic mixers

Jongia’s Magitator is a unique design in durability and hygiene, which meets the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements according to EHEDG and FDA/EC1935:2004 guidelines. The Magitator can be used in hermetically closed vessels or systems without the need of a complicated rotary seal and is practically maintenance free. The open construction of the mixing head ensures an optimum flow for easy cleaning and efficient mixing.

This design of mixer, which operates at a torque of approximately 90 Nm, is very suitable for mixing of different liquids with a maximum viscosity of around 800 Mpas.

Applications Light Duty Side Entry Agitator – JM

JDRW Mixers

Jongia’s direct driven side entry mixer type JDRW is especially suitable for mounting in the vessel wall. The mixer shaft is directly mounted onto the drive which accounts a very reliable straight-lined and strong system. Mounting is easy thanks to the flange construction. The mixer is, depending on the medium, provided with a single or double mechanical seal with a sealing liquid system. The mixer can be placed close to the bottom of the vessel, due to a very compact construction. The side entry mixer has a large pumping capacity through an outgoing speed of 750 rpm which gives a low shear and therefore extremely suitable for larger tanks. For sanitary applications special, easily cleanable seals are available. The JDRW mixer is suitable for light to medium applications in low viscosities.

Applications Light Duty Side Entry Agitator – JDRW

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