Light Duty Top Entry Agitators

Types: FTD, JDR, L

Light duty top entry agitators and mixers are the best fit for applications like cosmetics production, storage of dairy products, ice cream ageing, fragrances and flavourings.

These applications are characterized by:

  • Fluids which are easily mixed or kept homogeneous
  • Small tank volumes
  • Viscosities up to approx. 1000 cP
  • Tanks with low pressure (max.10 bar g)
  • Temperature -20 °C to 150 °C
Light Duty Top Entry Agitators
Motor power0.25 kW – 15 kW
MaterialsStainless Steel 304, 316 L, Carbon Steel, Duplex (Super), Hastelloy C4 or C2000, Titanium Grade 2 or 7
CoatingsC3, C4, C5 or C5M
Surface wetted partsGround until Ra < 0,4 µm, handpolished until <0,2 μm or electropolished, rubber lined, PTFE or HALAR
Explosion proof (ATEX)Ex zone 0, 1 or 2 for gas, 21 or 22 for dust or Non-Ex version
AccessoriesGear drives and sealing systems (all brands),
sterile versions, mobile or stationary versions, adapted flanges to vessel

FTD mixers

The FTD type mixer is a series of small mixers varying in shaft diameter from 25 mm to 50 mm. This type of mixer is more or less a standard design, however can be customized with a variety of motor brands, with or without coaxial gearbox. This type of mixer is specially designed for the higher operational speeds (>250 rpm) and can be delivered up to a shaft length of 3000 mm. The shafts are supported by two spherical roller bearings, which are lifetime lubricated (L10> 40.000 hrs) and coupled to the motor or gearbox through a flexible coupling.

This design of mixer which operates at speeds above 250 rpm is very suitable for mixing of different liquids, dissolving of solids in liquid, dispersion and emulsifying duties.


JDR mixers

Jongia’s direct driven mixer type JDR is an innovatively designed top flange agitator for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is a mixer without gearbox, so there is no oil/lubricants leakage which could contaminate your product. The mixer shaft is directly fitted directly into the drive, eliminating the need for an extra shaft coupling. The JDR is a strong and practically maintenance-free mixer which makes it a perfect solution for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is suitable for frequency converter controlled operation.

This design of mixer is very suitable for mixing of different liquids, dissolving of easy soluble solids in liquid, dispersion and emulsifying duties.


L mixers

The L type mixer, fitted with an E-motor gearbox assembly, is applicable for a wide range of light and medium duty industrial applications. To guarantee the best solution for your mixing process the L type agitator can be equipped with a large variety of mixing elements range from simple marine propeller to special designed helical ribbons. Due to the large range of mixing elements this type of mixer can be used for many processes.

This design of mixer is very suitable for mixing of different liquids and dissolving of solids in liquid.


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