Medium Duty Bottom Entry Agitators

Types: JRWB

Medium duty bottom entry agitators and mixers are suitable for applications like vegetable oil storage, dairy products and juice storage.

These applications are characterized by:

  • Mixing applications where higher forces are required
  • Larger tank volumes up to approx. 100 m3
  • Viscosities range up to approx. 5000 cP
  • Pressurized tanks (max. 16 bar g)
  • Temperatures from -20 °C to 170 °C
Medium Duty Bottom Entry
Motor power0,75 kW - 11 kW
MaterialsStainless steel 304, 316 L, Duplex (Super), Hastelloy C4 or C2000, Titanium Grade 2 or 7
CoatingsC3, C4, C5 of C5M
Surface wetted partsGround until Ra < 0,4 µm, handpolished till <0,2 μm or electropolished
Explosion proof (ATEX)Ex zone 0, 1 or 2 for gas, 21 or 22 for dust or Non-Ex version
AccessoriesDirect or gear driven (all brands), all kinds of sealing systems, adapted flanges to vessel, welded or bolted versions

JRWB mixers

Jongia’s type JRWB is especially suitable for mounting in the vessel bottom. The mixer is provided with a gearbox to have the correct ratio between propeller diameter and shaft speed to achieve the best process result. Mounting is easy thanks to the flange construction. The mixer is, depending on the medium, provided with a single or double mechanical seal with a seal liquid system. The JRWB mixer is suitable for applications with low to medium viscosities.

This design of mixer is suitable for mixing of different liquids and keeping a substance homogeneous.

Applications Medium Duty Top Entry Mixer – JRWB

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