Gas Inducing Mixer

Gas/liquid reactions with pure gases

Hydrogenated fatty acids – pharmaceuticals – hydrometallurgical products

Hydrogenation – Chlorination – Oxidation – Acylation – Alkoxylation – Amination – Carboxylation


Gas Inducing Mixer for Food & Chemical industry

Jongia meets the challenge of modern-day high productivity requirements with its novel gas-inducing system. In a reactor a gas-inducing coil, the so-called sparger, is installed for the primary gas supply. The unused gas is collected in the head space of the reactor above the liquid level. This gas is recirculated through the hollow shaft and re-induced through the gas inductors mounted below the liquid level.

The main mixing element creates an under-pressure at the gas inductors to disperse the gas into the reaction media. Depending on the batch sizes required one or more combinations of mixing elements and gas inductors can be installed.

Thanks to recirculation of unconverted gas in the headspace of the reactor complete utilization of the reaction gas is achieved without the need for an external compressor. Jongia’s self-inducing mixer ensures high operating safety and reliability as the gas and catalysts are contained within the reactor. Instrumentation and control costs are limited and productivity is boosted thanks to high mass transfer rates as shown in the kLa values. The JONGIA design concept permits a low agitator speed so that the agitator-inducer system is operated below its critical speed and irregular loads on the shaft and bearings are avoided.

In short Jongia’s gas-inducing mixer combines:

  • A high induced gas flow rate
  • A fine dispersion of the gas and therefore a large interfacial area
  • Accurately predicted excellent mass transfer also on large scale
  • Stable mechanical operation at moderate (sub-critical) stirrer speed
  • Recirculation of the unused gas


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