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Stirring & mixing equipment

Jongia has a comprehensive range of stirring and mixing products, systems and equipment. We ensure the best possible solution for the given process, choosing from our wide range of products. We offer top entry, side and bottom entry as well as dynamic and static in-line mixers and powder dissolving installations.

Jongia is a flexible, customer-oriented partner to many well-known clients. Characteristics of our mixing equipment and systems:

  • High quality
  • Durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance-free

Overview Jongia products

Below you will find an overview of Jongia equipment. Next to high-quality products and systems, Jongia provides excellent service activities and testing and R&D facilities.

Industrial mixers

mixers Jongia

We supply a large variety of industrial mixers, being top entry, side and bottom entry mixers. Jongia mixers are suitable for many applications.

More information about Jongia mixers.

In-line mixers

powder dissolving unit

We offer efficient in-line mixers, both static and dynamic in-line mixers. Besides, we supply powder dissolving installations with a hygienic jet mixer for homogeneous mixing of powders in liquids.

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Jongia impellers in the factory

Our mixers can be equipped with many different types of impellers, depending on the mixer's application.

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Lifting stands

lifting stand

We manufacture and supply lifting stands that are available in different versions, such mounted in-wall, fixed or mobile, etc.

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