Official Kick-off innovation ‘The smart agitator’

During the open day of “the new Jongia” on November 13, 2019, a presentation about the innovations that Jongia is working on was given. Part of this was a glimpse into the world of sensors, data and moving liquid balls. Sounds exciting? It is. These developments ultimately lead to “the smart agitator”.

Collaborating parties

In the past six months, Jongia has not been idle and in collaboration with various parties, including the municipality of Leeuwarden, research has been conducted into the possibilities of the new, smart agitator. The municipality even has awarded an innovation fund for the promising project.

What can the smart agitator do?

The purpose of the smart agitator is to take mixing to a higher level by means of measurement, data science and specialist process knowledge. This enables Jongia to help customers with their process issues even better.

Kick off

On Wednesday, August 26, the official kick-off took place in the new Technology Center of Jongia. The collaborating parties have established how the ideas will be converted into an actual “Proof of concept” in the near future. The photo gives an impression of a successful project kick-off, which will develop further under the name “Liquidz”.

In the coming period we will keep you informed of all developments regarding the smart agitator, but if you have any questions we will of course be happy to answer them!

Jongia thanks all collaborating parties for their efforts and the successful innovation kick-off.

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