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Jongia’s Talent Support Program

Support and Development is in Jongia’s DNA.

It is a core value we are very proud of and what we seek to carry out. As a result we also consistently promote personal talent development. This counts for our employees, but also outside our company within the society of Jongia Mixing Technology.

That is why we are proud to be sponsor of young speedskating talent mrs. Cerinthe de Jonge.

We will frequently upate the speedskating results of Cerinthe on our website.

If you want to follow Cerinthe, please follow her in instagram. 

Cerinthe Elise de Jonge has been busy!

During the past summer period, Cerinthe de Jonge has trained intensively for the upcoming long-track ice-skating season. Below is a brief message from Cerinthe about her past training period and a look ahead to the upcoming season.

“Last summer, I prepared myself for a new skating season. I mainly did a lot of running training, strength training, inline skating training, and cycling workouts. In this way, I have maintained my condition and have become stronger and faster. We also conducted strength tests in the summer to see if the training intensity has had an effect. And it has! I have grown in strength and also in conditioning. Now, I just need to transfer that to the ice and show it in the competitions that are scheduled. My goals for this winter season are to participate in the NK pure sprint (100,300,500m), NK sprint (2×500,2x 1000m), and The Silver Ball, and of course, to achieve many personal records,” says a quote from Cerinthe de Jonge.

Jongia Mixing Technology is proud to collaborate with Cerinthe de Jonge and wishes her a very successful season.

If you want to know more or stay informed about the Jongia Talent Program, please check out tje Jongia Talent Support Program

Cerinthe de Jonge

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