Fraud Blocker Meet Hilbrand: Our Helpful Improvement Engineer at Jongia Mixing
Hilbrand Westra

Meet Hilbrand: Our Helpful Improvement Engineer at Jongia Mixing Technology !

Introduction to Hilbrand Westra

Hilbrand Westra, a 40-year-old improvement engineer at Jongia, hails from Ryptsjerk, a small town near Leeuwarden. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from NHL Hogeschool. Hilbrand has been with Jongia for one and a half years, during which he has made significant contributions to the company’s operations.

Outside of work, Hilbrand enjoys several hobbies, including home improvement projects, woodworking, and forestry during the winter to heat his home. These activities reflect his practical approach and love for tangible results.

Hilbrand’s Journey at Jongia

Hilbrand’s role at Jongia involves improving business processes, with a particular focus on the complete ICT environment. His work spans both the office and the factory, giving him a comprehensive understanding of various processes and how to enhance them. This aligns with his longstanding interest in IT, which has been a driving force throughout his career.

After a prolonged absence for personal health reasons, Jongia played a crucial role in Hilbrand’s reintegration into the work environment. He notes the company’s commitment to employee development and a supportive work culture. He appreciates the easy-going, hard-working culture at Jongia, where everyone is approachable. Hilbrand describes Jongia as an inspiring company with high-tech products and services, which he finds motivating.

Hilbrand values Jongia’s international presence combined with its Frisian roots, a blend that resonates with his own background. He believes this combination makes Jongia unique and significant, especially for someone with Frisian heritage like himself. As Hilbrand puts it, “that is what makes Jongia Jongia.”

He is pleased to be part of a growing company. In his role, he is excited about contributing to the advancement of IT and business processes, which makes his job both challenging and interesting.

Advices for newcomers

Hilbrand offers valuable advice for those considering a career at Jongia. He points out the variety of interesting positions available at different levels, from production and assembly to engineering and IT. He encourages newcomers to ask questions, as the team spirit at Jongia is strong, with everyone working in an open space without specific offices. This fosters a supportive environment where learning from each other is highly encouraged.

He also notes the unique blend of Frisian culture at Jongia, where people are generally quiet and modest. However, at Jongia, the environment is quite the opposite, with a readiness to help and communicate, making it a welcoming place for all.Are you interested in more Jongia stories? Please have a look at the Jongia Team page.

If you are interested in a job at Jongia Mixing Technology, click here to view our job openings.

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