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Small, medium or large capacity tanks used in the Renewable Energy industry such as for digesters require tailor made agitators to mix, keep the content homogeneous, prevent floating layer/foam and minimize settling of solids. Jongia offers customers in the Biogas, Waste Water and Renewable Energy industry the best mixing solutions: maximum performance with lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Jongia’s mixing equipment is ideally suited for use in applications in the Renewable Energy industry.

Top entry agitators for Digester process, are equipped with a unique reststirrer concept which minimizes settling of solids to an absolute minimum and generates more biogas compared to the solution of other suppliers.

For side entry agitators, to prevent product loss and contamination of the surroundings due to seal leakage, we succeeded in the design of a robust and reliable triple seal.

Besides, our well experienced process engineers provide expertise in reports and characteristics on product samples (for example sludge/digestate), or provide you CFD analyses made by an independent consultant company.

Also we provide process guarantees that can be validated by yourself or via an independent consulting company you choose!





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