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Afbeelding: CUPMIXER-01A

The  cupmixer owes its name to the shape of the element. Thanks to the low tip speed the cup element is most suitable for applications involving products susceptible to "shear stress".

The "cup" creates a radial flow whereby the product at the vessel wall is constantly refreshed which is very important when good heat transfer is required.

The cup element is very well suited for mixing liquids and absorbing foam into the liquid. In the latter case the element must be operated in close proximity of the liquid level. When the rpm level is adjusted properly there will be only a minimum of air intake into the product.

The cup mixer is best suited for low to medium viscosity liquids.


Process characteristics/ Applications

The cup creates radial propulsion toward the wall of the vessel. The flow will deflect upwards as well as downwards (see figure). The shape of the cup is creating only a slight propulsory flow upwards.