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Bart Bosma Jongia Mixing Technology

Introducing: Bart Bosma

Behind the company name Jongia Mixing Technology is a large number of professionals. This week we introduce one of those professionals to you, which is Bart Bosma, 62 years of age. Bart has been working at Jongia Mixing Technology for 37 years.

Many years at Jongia

Before Bart went into military service, he completed the MTS metal in Sneek. After his military service, Bart joined Jongia Mixing Technology in 1985 at the age of 25. He started as a mechanic and then over the years progressed to production leader in 2005. Until 2015, Bart held managerial positions as both production manager and assistant production manager.

“I started as a mechanic and the work suited me well. One has challenges and you make a nice product, I really like the work and the colleagues and I also like the size of this company. This is a company where everyone knows each other. I have a position where I can also get along with everyone. I am not in a certain place that I am isolated by myself. I actually interact with everyone.”

So what Bart likes about working at Jongia Mixing Technology is that you are actually making your own products. He never feels bored: “The work is never boring, the days are always flying by. Sometimes you are working on 1 thing and 4 other things come along. In the meantime you are already busy with all kinds of things in your head.”

Bart’s current responsibilities include organizing the blasting and painting of the parts before they are assembled. But his main responsibilities also include assembly, shipping and organizing transport. With that, Bart is the “last eye” on the moment the products are packed and ready for shipment. Furthermore, he regularly does jobs or assignments for the service department. In this way, Bart deals with many different people and gets a lot of satisfaction out of it.

Beautiful developments

In the 37 years that Bart has been working for Jongia Mixing Technology, he has seen the various developments that the company has gone through.

Bart says that in the past not much changed, but that is different now, he says: “If you don’t invest then you stay at the same level. You see that when you do, it does indeed produce beautiful developments such as attracting a new market chain and getting large orders. Then the ball starts rolling and everyone gets new energy. Just look around you, how it looks here now. What used to be an old garage is now a modern “Technology Center” and the workshop and offices they are now modernized to make it a pleasant and spacious workplace.”

“I have no specific hobbies but I always enjoy myself!”

Together with his wife Marieke and one of his five children, Bart has lived in Leeuwarden for 37 years and enjoys himself in his “pretty big garden”.
In his spare time, Bart does not sit quietly. In addition to keeping track of his steps taken on his pedometer (Bart is walking about 10 km a day at Jongia), he enjoys hiking and does Boga, a combination of boxing and yoga. “I’m 62 now and I still feel very fit. Of course, that’s also because I don’t have a sedentary job.”

Interested in learning more about Jongia Mixing Technology and getting to know Bart and/or his co-workers? Please feel free to contact us at +31 (0) 58 21 39 715 or

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