The Jongia Magitator: The solution for zero emission and leakage free mixing!

Side-entry agitators and mixers in the product range of Jongia Mixing Technology are the best fit for applications such as keeping dairy or starch products homogenous or keeping vegetable oil or juice storage on the right temperature.

For these applications and to keep the products to be mixed homogeneous, Jongia’s magnet driven mixer, the Magitator, is the right choice. Opting for the Magitator ensures that the tank can remain hermetically closed under highly sanitary conditions. The Magitator can be mounted as a side-entry or bottom-entry mixer. Depending on the process and product requirements, the Jongia Magitator can be selected from a power range between 0,5 to 11 kW.

Due to the very compact construction, the mixer can be placed close to the bottom of the vessel. The side-entry Magitator has a large pumping capacity through an outgoing speed of 750 rpm. This gives a low shear and is therefore extremely suitable for larger tanks. The Jongia Magitator is suitable for light to medium applications in viscosities of around 800 Mpas. Jongia’s Magitator is a slow running mixer with low installed power, a medium tip speed and a large working area in respect to the diameter of the tank. For larger storage tanks, Jongia’s Magitator is also available with a larger propeller diameter to ensure proper mixing for homogeneity on the right temperature.

Benefits of the Magitator

Jongia’s Magitator is a unique design in durability and hygiene, which meets the most stringent CIP and SIP requirements according to EHEDG and FDA/EC1935:2004 guidelines. The cleanability of the Magitator is ensured and in addition the absence of a mechanical seal considerably cuts down on maintenance costs as well!

The Jongia Magitator is your best choice for absolutely zero emission and leakage free mixing. Due to the hermetically closed magnetic drive, there is no danger of contamination which makes the Magitator the best solution for aseptic production or emission free storage without any loss of product.

The Magitator’s perfect cleanability with the accessible construction around the propeller and slide bearings, guarantees sufficient flow for cleaning agents.

The magnet drive construction is almost fully maintenance free and should only be visually inspected without the need for demounting and replacing spare parts.

Thanks to contact free transmission of the torque, the Magitator is very energy efficient, which means: low energy consumption!

Storage of Fresh Fruit Juices

Fruit juices consist largely out of water which can be evaporated. The result is a thick concentrate which can be transported all over the world. It is obvious that this method saves large amounts of money, because the compact and thick concentrate requires less storage capacity since the water component has been evaporated. On the downside however, components such as etheric oils need to be added when the concentrate is diluted again by mixing it with fresh water.

Fruit juice concentrate, when diluted with water to create regular fruit juice, is called Fresh Concentrated Juice. This Fruit Concentrate must be ‘cut open’ in order to mix it with water. The diluted/fresh juice has a low viscosity and is therefore in the turbulent phase during mixing. This allows fast mixing because the liquid flow is mixed quickly and chaotically. A side-entry or a top-entry mixer can be used to complete the process of homogenizing the juices fast, ready for filling & packaging.

Mixing process fresh fruit juices

As viscosity and density can vary considerably from one fruit juice to the other, requirements for the mixing equipment depend on specific product characteristics. For example, there are a lot of differences between orange, pineapple or banana juice. To keep all of these product homogeneous, the Jongia Magitator is the perfect choice. During the mixing process it is very important to avoid oxygen intake since this breaks down vitamin C. The Magitator ensures that the storage tank remains hermetically closed under highly sanitary conditions. The accessible design of the mixing propeller head ensures an optimum flow for easy cleaning and efficient mixing.

Fruit juice concentrate has a high viscosity (up to 25,000 cP) and is therefore in the laminar mixing phase. This concentrate blends in small layers, one on top of the other. Thanks to the Magitator’s design, production batch times are relatively short, loss of vitamin C is kept to a minimum and stagnant areas in the vessel are being avoided, while the Magitator is maintaining the temperature in the tank at a constant level.

The Jongia Magitator, it does it all!

Want to know more about our Magitator?

As with all mixing processes, mixing with a specific agitator requires a targeted approach. Jongia Mixing Technology has the knowledge and experience to give you full advice in this field. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In this tutorial we show you how the Magitator is assembled and how it works under very hygienic conditions because the tank remains hermetically closed.

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