Results Frisian company of the year 2022 is known!

Last night, the jury of the Election Frisian Company of the Year announced that not Jongia Mixing Technology, but Wajer Yachts may call itself the Frisian company of the year 2022.

It was an enormously exciting competition and a wonderful experience. Regardless of the outcome, we, Johan Postma and Tom Pruymboom, were already extremely ‘grutsk’ for the steps Jongia has taken recently and especially for all our people who work with passion on the Jongia brand.

We really enjoyed being able to compete against these strong opponents: Wajer Yachts and A.P. van den Berg. We want to thank them, not to mention the jury, for the exciting competition and congratulate Wajer Yachts with their prize!

𝐋𝐄𝐓’𝐒 πŒπˆπ— π“πŽπ†π„π“π‡π„π‘!

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