Jongia Mixing Technology off to a successful start at Thorsø Biogas with unique biogas agitator

Jongia Mixing Technology has been more than successful at the start up of our unique biogas mixer at Thorsø Biogas, our first customer in Denmark. To improve the biogas production, mixing process, mechanical reliability and lifetime we replaced the agitator of a worldwide well-known agitator supplier in biogas by Jongia’s own unique biogas agitator.

Different approach solved the problem of the floating layer, sedimentation and mechanical issues

Thorsø Biogas has filled the digester when replacing the existing agitator with ours with old biomass resulting in a big floating layer (the first video). The new innovative agitator from Jongia was started up and it only took 3-4 days for the big floating layer to disappear (the second video). This was due to a good controlled liquid flow in the digester from top to bottom to ensure the highest transfer from organic into biogas. One of our several unique design features is the rest stirrer acting as a radial turbine close above the bottom ensuring a minimum chance of sedimentation.

Watch the videos!

  • First video: Problem of floating layer, the new Jongia agitator is starting up!
  • Second video: Problem solved. Jongia’s agitator is running very smooth, instead of a floating layer and sedimentation the content of the digester is now homogeneous.

Adding value and boosting profit
Jongia’s smart technology is adding value by enabling Thorsø Biogas to produce more biogas as sustainable energy, with the same amount/type off feedstock and lower operational costs.

We have challenged ourselves and now we challenge the biogas market to go for the highest performance and profit with our proven and innovative industrial agitator technology!

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Would you like to know more about this project at Thorsø Biogas? Contact our biogas specialist Bart Brouwer at / +31 (0)6 15095242 or contact Brian Laursen of Thorsø Biogas at / +45 86966400.

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