Fraud Blocker Magnetic Mixer for the Chemical industry
Magitator magnetic couples mixer

Magnetic Mixer for the Chemical industry

Jongia’s latest development is a magnet driven mixer, the Magitator, which is specially designed for chemical processes where leakage prevention and product contamination have top priority. Its unique design provides a hermetic seal so that no mechanical seal is required. This type of agitator can be used in almost any chemical environment, including processes where hydrosulfinic acid, hydrofluoric acid, amines, cyclic aromatics, isocyanides and NaOH are used.

Jongia’s Magitator, a magnetic stirrer, has a revolutionary and robust design. Key elements in the design are the stiffness of the shaft, the ceramic bearing and the magnetic coupling. The stiffness of the shaft ensures minimal vibration and the hermetically sealed design guarantees that there will be no contact or contamination between the product and the outside environment. Furthermore, the need for a sealing system has been eliminated by the use of a magnetic coupling.

Chemical applications

The new and patented Magitator, a magnetic mixer, has been specially developed for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, where companies face challenges such as product contamination, exothermic reactions and working with very aggressive products.

The Magitator can be used in processes with liquids with low viscosity such as in the production of:

  • Alcohol derivatives
  • Amides
  • Chlorine derivatives
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Refined chemicals
  • Fuel oils


The cleanability of the design meets the most stringent requirements with regard to CIP and SIP according to EHEDG, FDA / EC1935: 2004. In addition to the emphasis on hygienic design, the magnetic mixer is also made for a maintenance-free life.

No need for repairs to the seal
Easy to clean mixing element
Simple separation of the motor and agitator

The Magitator reduces maintenance costs significantly!

Want to know more about our Magitator?

As with all mixing processes, mixing with a specific agitator requires a targeted approach. Jongia Mixing Technology has the knowledge and experience to give you full advice in this field. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact our specialized team for all your questions

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Technical Questions?

In this tutorial we show you how the Magitator is assembled and how it works under very hygienic conditions because the tank remains hermetically closed.

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Tutorial: How does the Magitator work?

Tutorial: How does the Magitator work?

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