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UZ mixing element Jongia

The UZ Mixing element

Arms and legs, a ribbon, a combination of an anchor and an axial flow turbine… What is not said about the UZ mixing element? Obviously, if the UZ mixing element has a very recognizable shape, then it must also be a very special mixing element.

And so it is!

Mixing Element U Z Turbine

The UZ mixing element contains the following properties:

  • It can Thrust, Scoop and Pump.
  • This is ideal for medium viscous liquids
  • It has a constant power input regardless of the liquid level
  • It is characterized by a large ratio between mixing element diameter and tank diameter
  • It is usually positioned decentralized and does not require baffles
  • Because of the low required rotations, it is also used on fragile products
  • The tip speed is low, the shear is low, because of the shape and therefore there is also a relatively low power consumption as a result
  • The arms and legs cover almost the entire cylinder that the agitator occupies
  • Ideal for use during tank emptying and filling, this agitator can just keep running on the liquid level
  • It is a good alternative for the “Gate” agitator element
  • Despite the fairly large surface of the agitator elements, it is easy to clean due to its shape, as there are virtually no blind spots in Jongia Mixing Technology’s design
  • It is often used in the dairy industry, such as for yogurt or pro-biotic drinks

The entire agitator can be inserted through the agitator flange and manhole to be built up later in the tank.

This also makes this agitator perfectly suitable for installation on site, without interruption for the tank builder.

Of course, the mixing elements are made fully sanitary by Jongia, as the so-called pin construction is applied here. See the example shown below.

UZ mixing element Jongia

With the UZ mixing element, Jongia has a perfect product in its product portfolio for your delicate products, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, pro-biotics, enzymes, lecitines, fruit juice concentrates, Skyr and yogurt cultures.

Because the complete layout of the different UZ mixing elements must be a reliable and high quality construction that is easy to clean and must be able to provide years of performance, Jongia applies to these agitators the most reliable agitator drive units that guarantee years of performance and uptime. The shaft is always solid material and polished, just as the UZ elements are also highly polished for perfect cleanability and hygienic design.

Want to know more about Jongia ‘s UZ mixing element or other mixing elements from Jongia Mixing Technology?

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