Fraud Blocker Jongia Mixing Technology highlighted in Ynbusiness
Johan Postma

Jongia Mixing Technology highlighted in Ynbusiness

Jongia Mixing Technology is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Agitators, Mixers and Blenders, with over 85 years of experience and therefore an extensive knowledge of the various process industries. For about two years Johan Postma (Jongia director) was walking around with the question how to see what is happening in a tank during agitation and mixing. The Ynnovation table of Ynbusiness brought him two important steps further.

“I am on to something.”

“I am on to something..” That was Postma’s gut feeling. “If I have the answer to this question, then my clients can do more targeted research on a prediction model on the effect of ingredients and thus, for example, reduce their mixing time. But I had no idea how to proceed from here. How do things run, how should I approach it organizationally? Should I set it up next to my business or from it?”

Dennis Carton (Ynbusiness program director) was also fascinated by the question. “A lot of disciplines come together in this. Knowledge of customer needs, business economics, technology, scientific design of studies and so on.” To accelerate such issues, he developed the Ynnovation Table: from the Northern network of Ynbusiness, bringing together different disciplines simultaneously around an issue.

Johan Postma-Dennis Carson

You can’t just do it yourself

Joining them were Hanzehogeschool Groningen/TUe, RuG, KxA Data Solutions, DieBie Engineering and IkbenDrentsondernemer. People who were not directly within the reach of Johan Postma. Under the professional leadership of Agents of Change, everyone was given space. “It is important”, indicates Postma, “that an independent person ensures that everyone feels safe to share knowledge and insights. You also have to be open as an entrepreneur to those insights. As a final tip for a successful (Ynnovation) table, he says: “You shouldn’t sit down at the table with a direct commercial interest, because then at this stage your idea won’t progress.” The first table mainly brought Postma to sharpen the question and definitions. “Surprisingly, how extensively we considered homogeneity. What is the definition of it and is that what we really want?” The second Ynnovation table, with a slightly different setting, brought a more technical depth.

We are now taking it further ourselves.

Two Ynnovation tables further, Johan is thickly satisfied. “I have met good people from the network of Ynbusiness. These two table discussions have given us at Jongia all the ingredients we need to be able to draw up a project plan and take it from this solid basis into development ourselves.”

Ynbusiness initiates projects to try out how the innovative and growth capacity of companies can be strengthened in a smart way. By making powerful connections for a strong idea and organizing implementation capacity. With the goal of letting the market take over. The Ynnovation table and the AVG Quick start are such projects in which education and business have been brought together to help entrepreneurs. The AVG project was very successful and is now running independently, without the intervention of Ynbusiness.

Challenge us to improve your process

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