Tutorial: starch gelatinization – from raw starch to glucose syrup

Around the world, Jongia Mixing Technology has initiated numerous mixing processes using its agitators to produce modifications from raw starch and convert them into usable products. An example of a product where raw starch is one of the constituents is glucose syrup. To obtain a smooth and stable product, as a base for food applications such as soft drinks, sauces, pastries and emulsions, gelatinization of the starch is required.

In this tutorial, Commercial Director Tom Pruymboom shows you the process of starch gelatinization using a labscale test unit. In it, raw starch is dissolved in 10 liters of water and the mixture is then heated using a heating coil. When it has become a gel, enzymes are added to convert the mixture to glucose. The mixing is done by a mixer shaft equipped with a 2-blade residual stirrer, a 4-blade Axial Flow turbine and a Hydroprop mixing element for a top-over-bottom stirring process with axial flow.

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