The propeller: from request to solution

The use of one or more propellers is not the solution for every application. Nevertheless, the propeller is often used in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries and in the chemical and waste water sectors. For instance to guarantee the homogeneous quality of a product and, at the same time, not to damage the product. How this process works, from request to solution at Jongia Mixing Technology, will be explained in this article.

Every request is different

Jongia Mixing Technology receives requests from customers in various ways. This can be by telephone, e-mail, a visit by the sales department, through an agent, but mostly through OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), such as tank builders and engineering firms. Based on the request, Jongia Mixing Technology then makes a selection of the most suitable stirring element. Some of the questions that Jongia Mixing Technology asks their customer are: what is the objective, what do they want to achieve in the tank and what are the dimensions of the tank? And, for instance, will top, side or bottom-entry agitators be used? Has Jongia Mixing Technology previously realised the same product using a propeller? If so, that system will be validated to the new tank dimensions.

Propeller selection depending on process

Based on the customer’s answers, Jongia Mixing Technology will draw up an offer containing the process solution. This is presented to the customer by one of the sales managers. The advantages are mentioned and a detailed description is given of why a specific propeller was selected. These results depend entirely on the customer’s requirements and the product in which the propeller is used.

USPs of Jongia propellers are decisive

Jongia Mixing Technology uses a unique screw-propeller, in combination with agitators without bottom bearings with rather long shafts, which results in a nice axial pumping through the tank. By using special electric motors, with an output fixed speed of 460 or 700 rpm, the propeller is particularly effective. This is because it needs a certain speed. The large flow range of the propeller allows the tank contents to reach all corners of the tank, creating a large working area.

Want to know more?

The process from problem to solution is always specified per customer. Jongia Mixing Technology has the knowledge and experience to give you comprehensive advice in this field. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to know more?

As with all production processes, mixing viscous liquids requires a specific approach and a suitable agitator. Jongia has the knowledge and experience to advise you in this field. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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