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biogas agitator

The development of a proprietary biogas agitator

Jongia Mixing Technology has been active in the biogas market since 2008. In the process regarding biogas, gas is generated and disposed of from a tank filled with fluid (digestate). This digestate mainly consists of organic waste. Over the last few years, this technique has been gaining in popularity worldwide and contributes to sustainable energy generation.


Agitator’s reliability important in biogas production

To keep the digestate homogeneous, which ensures that the generation of biogas works most efficiently, its important that an agitator provides homogeneity within temperature, pH, organic material and bacteria in the tank. In addition, a floating layer of rising parts and settling of heavy parts must be avoided. The process, and the output, is best achieved when biogas can be produces continuously for a long period of time. This requires a very reliable installation with a reliable agitator that works efficiently.

Entering a new market

As early as 2008, Jongia saw that there was an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. Jongia added the biogas mixer to their portfolio, which has been used extensively in the years since. With the arrival of Bart Brouwer, Area Sales Manager, also came almost 20 years of experience and knowledge in the field of stirring technology, biogas and waste water. This allowed Jongia Mixing Technology, in addition to the suitable portfolio, to increase its opportunities through Bart’s network in the biogas market.

The development of the BioFoil®

Innovation is always an ongoing process at Jongia Mixing Technology, so the idea soon arose to develop an innovative concept for the biogas market. With the experiences and insights already gained, from a mechanical and process perspective, a new biogas mixer concept was developed. It consists of two aspects:

1. A modular construction of a biogas agitator that can be applied as Top-entry for vertical tanks between 4,000m3 and 14,000m3 volume.
2. A newly developed and efficient agitator blade called BioFoil®, which together with the biogas mixer as a whole forms a highly reliable and efficient construction and therefore generates high efficiency in the biogas tank.

The BioFoil® propeller does what it promises

The entire modular mechanical construction, the reliability and the high yield of the BioFoil® mixer blade, and thus the very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), has now convinced customers to choose Jongia Mixing Technology. The goal and the result is to generate, with the lowest possible power input, as much biogas as possible and to achieve a long lasting process while maximizing uptime. Customers who have had experience with several different agitators, and who have generated a lot of data, say that they get the most biogas out of the biomass with the Jongia agitators. Even with the same amount of biomass input and time in the digester. In addition, the homogeneity of the digestate remained the most optimal.

Jongia Mixing Technology is a member of the European biogas Association ‘EBA’

If you would like to know more about the BioFoil® propeller or about our other (side)mixers for mixing digestate, please feel free to contact us at or +31 6 15095242.

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