Fraud Blocker The BioFoil® propeller: an innovative stirring element

The BioFoil® propeller: an innovative stirring element

For mixing processes in every market Jongia Mixing Technology can recommend the hydrofoil propeller. This is a stirring element that is extremely product-friendly due to its shape. It’s a propeller with many possibilities because of its low energy consumption and high efficiency. For the Biogas market Jongia Mixing Technology has a specific hydrofoil propeller in its product range as well: the BioFoil®.


The functioning of the BioFoil® propeller

A BioFoil® propeller is often placed in the center of the tank to optimize the Biogas stirring process. Because the BioFoil® propeller is pumping a 100% axial, the element is characterized by a high efficiency and a comparatively low energy consumption compared to other mixing elements. In most cases, the agitator shaft of a BioFoil® propeller, or a set of BioFoil® propellers, is placed centrally in the tank. In this way, a controlled vertical, required top over bottom movement is created. A top over bottom flow also prevents a floating layer and keeps the tank homogeneous in terms of uniform distribution of pH, temperature, bacteria and organic mass. If sedimentation needs to be reduced to an absolute minimum, Jongia Mixing Technology applies a radial turbine, which is unique in the market, at the bottom of the shaft approximately 500 mm above the bottom.

A unique stirring element

In addition to its low power and high degree of pumping, the BioFoil® propeller is characterized by its self-stabilizing ability. The result is a low mechanical, radial load on the entire agitator construction. The BioFoil® propeller is a stable stirring element because from every point of the blade, the flow direction is completely axial and the exit velocity is equal. It therefore follows the direction of the longitudinal axis. Jongia Mixing Technology has dimensioned the blade construction in such a way that, due to reinforcements in the BioFoil® propeller itself, the blade is considerably thinner than conventional constructions. This saves a lot of weight. The circumference of a set of BioFoil® blades can reach up to approximately six meters in diameter. Due to its unique construction, the BioFoil® is highly efficient, has a low shear force and is still light and rigid despite its large size. When the agitator is operated in counter rotating direction for a short period every day, the shape of the BioFoil® ensures that, for example, fibers that tend to stick to the blades are ‘shaken loose’.

The BioFoil® propeller is not just any propeller. It is Jongia Mixing Technology’s own design for the Biogas market. In the Biogas process gas is generated and disposed of from a tank filled with liquid (digestate). Recently, this technique has been gaining popularity worldwide and contributes to sustainable energy generation.   

Curious how the BioFoil® propeller works? Watch this tutorial! 

Want to know more?

As with all production processes, mixing the various products requires a specific approach and an appropriate agitator. Jongia Mixing Technology has the knowledge and experience to give you comprehensive advice in this field. Do you have any questions about the BioFoil® propeller or any other agitator? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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