Fraud Blocker Case Sonac Vuren: Tailor-made advice for the best result
Case Sonac Vuren: Tailor-made advice for the best result

Case Sonac Vuren: Tailor-made advice for the best result

What Jongia sells is not boring uniformity, but a sophisticated process solution that meets the requirements in all areas. This Sonac Vuren case is proof that if you really immerse yourself in the customer and provide tailor-made advice, the best results can be achieved.

Sonac Vuren is a producer of, among other things, proteins. Recently, Jongia received an application for agitators through an intermediary, with the requirement that the agitators would be suitable for mixing enzymes into proteins and that the product must remain homogeneous. The intermediary wanted to receive an offer for agitators for the realization of this process, but Jongia advised otherwise. Thanks to Jongia’s expertise and experience, Jongia could prove that there is a much better solution to achieve the desired result.

How did this advice come about?

Jongia’s working method is characterized by immersing herself in the (end) customer, in this case Sonac Vuren. What are the customers’demands , how is the situation, what is expected from Jongia, how can the desired result be achieved and how can Jongia offer as much added value as possible for current and future times? Based on the specifications in the application and conversations with other parties involved, in this case the tank builders, Jongia advised the intermediary to submit an offer other than the wall-mounted stirrers to Sonac Vuren. Jongia has taken into account the available space and tank volumes plus the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of agitator set-ups.

According to Jongia, in this particular case, the use of a wall-mounted agitator seemed not to be too beneficial for the customer because half of the tank volume would not be fully utilized. For the product application of Sonac Vuren the ability of stirring the tank content at a minimum tanklevel is of utmost importance. Therefore, instead of a wall-mounted agitator, both a tank top mounted agitator (due to the mixing function) and a magnetic agitator in bottom-entry execution were recommended by Jongia.

Why a magnet-driven agitator?

A so-called “magnetic mixer” is used for mixing high viscous liquids. Therefore, a magnetic mixer is extremely suitable for mixing enzymes into proteins and keeping this product homogeneous. Another advantage of a magnetic mixer is that there is no tank wall mounting flange, because a magnetic mixer can be welded to the tank wall. As a result, no leakage can occur through the agitator shaft and no tank content can escape from the tank. Since this typical production process is known for its strict hygiene requirements, this also brings a great advantage.

In addition, Jongia recommended an agitator mounted on the tank top for the buffer tanks, which were fitted with a so-called rest-stirrers. Sonac Vuren wishes to keep stirring to the minimum level of the tank volume. This top entry agitator is a special version with a low output speed without the requirement of a gearbox. The internal bearing construction of the agitator drive avoids lubricant from entering the tank through the agitator shaft.. A specific detail of the reststirrer is that it is placed off- center of the tank, at a quarter of the tank diameter. This creates a higher turbulence to the liquid and prevents a laminar flow. In addition, should the reststirrer been placed in the center of the tankdiameter, segregation of the fluid could occur. That is the exact opposite of what should be achieved. Having an eye for details like this is a characteristic of Jongia’s working method; that’s why Jongia don’t sell boring uniformity and that’s why Jongia was rewarded with a nice order for supplying a number of magnetic mixers and top flange mixers to Sonac Vuren.

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