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Yoghurt is an acidic, often sweetened or flavored dairy product prepared by homogenization and fermentation of pasteurized milk. It is consumed in various forms, including beverages, snacks, meal replacements, desserts and protein-rich sports drinks. Health benefits of yogurt include healthy digestion, low risk of type 2 diabetes, protection against colon cancer, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, enhancement of weight and fat loss, improvement of the immune system and reduction of high blood pressure.

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Industrial Mixers for Food & Beverages

Yoghurt types

There are many different types of yoghurt, we go over the most commonly sold yoghurt types with you.

  • Greek yoghur
    Greek yoghurt often contains more fat and calories than regular yoghurt. It is a thick yoghurt with often a milder taste, this is partly because cream is added to Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt often contains 3x the number of calories as a serving of low-fat yoghurt.
  • Bulgarian yoghurt
    Bulgarian yoghurt is often a bit softer in taste than regular full-fat yoghurt. The difference between Bulgarian and Greek yoghurt is that Bulgarian yoghurt contains milk powder and condensed milk. The yogurt is relatively high in saturated fats, thus Bulgarian yogurt is often fattier than full-fat yoghurt.
  • Skimmed yoghurt
    Skim yoghurt (also called Dutch Yoghurt) contains barely any fat, semi-skimmed yoghurt usually contains about 1.5% fat and full-fat yogurt usually contains 3% fat. Furthermore, skimmed yoghurt is almost exactly the same as half-fat yoghurt and full-fat yoghurt.

Yoghurt market trends

The global yoghurt market was valued at $97,999.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $171,826.1 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2031.

The global yoghurt market is mainly driven by the health benefits that yogurt brings. Other factors supporting the market growth are the expansion of the retail market in different regions and the lower lactose content for lactose intolerant people who want to eat dairy products.

Some of the key producers spreading awareness and promoting yogurt consumption include Yakult, Danone, Nestlé and Chobani. However, artificial additives and ingredients added to yoghurt and harmful hormonal treatment of milk-producing cows keep people from consuming yogurt.

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